About Us

Zenith Biomedical (Pty) Ltd. was registered in 2013 , Reg. no.2013/232168/07, however the initial concept took place many years before that with the passion of Charles Smith and the search for the 'truth' behind the cause of the adverse affects of using pharmaceutical products to promote supposed positive results in various sports activities , which however have negative side affects and end in bad health and often a shortened lifespan.

Charles Smith assembled a team of financial expertise, in one Paul Fuhri, and included a partnership of high profile sports doctor Craig Springate. This team is now licenced in South Africa to T.A. Science of the USA. We bring our people high quality biotech products based on Nobel prize winning technology. This is the future in human health.

Having experienced such practices and the negative side effects thereof, Charles has had an enquiring mind to as to an alternative form of treatment which aids the aspirations of not only sportsmen and woman , but also those seeking relief from the ‘age old’ problem of bad health and the promotion of longevity.

Our Mission

Zenith Biomedical is dedicated to creating a synergy between Pharmaceutical practices/medication and Neutraceutical supplements/applications which meet in a confluence and become the 'Gateway' to the future of medicine and therapies which enhance Health; performance and longevity of the Human Genome.